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At Brendan Bass we work to differentiate ourselves from the standard designer showroom by offering one of a kind furniture. Creating and crafting is truly a passion project at Brendan Bass. This passion has led us to the creation of a custom furniture program we have branded as Vision & Design. From concept to furniture production the Vision & Design brand encompasses the finish selection, on wood, steel or acrylic to make each piece a unique expression of designer and client.


We are passionate about combining a client’s creative ideas with our industry expertise to create a one of a kind piece. We want our clients to not only be able to buy unique off the floor but buy unique custom products with their specific needs in mind.

“Pieces of petrified wood and limestone lean against the wall in the back of our showroom, waiting to be picked for a custom project. “

The first step in creating a custom piece happens before Brendan even gets involved, it’s when the designer comes up with an idea for a piece they need. This may be through an inspiration photo or through the designer not being able to find just the right piece anywhere else. In the showroom designers can select materials, finishes and browse our custom capabilities. Once a product idea has been birthed the next step is planning out the piece by sketching designs. During this step Brendan will sit down to draw out a draft of the piece himself.


Whether a client comes in with an inspiration picture, an idea in their head or just an open mind ready to design we can work with them. Brendan has over 30 years of industry expertise and design experience, so it is so special that he can be involved in this process. During this process the client is able to go back and forth with Brendan about their vision for their piece and physically sketch out a design, making changes, and picking materials.

Humberto measuring

After Brendan has been able to quote out a custom piece based on materials and level of labor the custom order can be placed. Vision and Design products are made entirely here in the design district so that means shorter lead times and no freight costs.

Once a final design has been chosen and the order placed production will start on the piece. Brendan works with local artisans in the design district to craft the product. These artisans are masters of the craft in metal working, woodworking and stone masonry.

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