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Our new shipment from Europe is here, follow along the story of how pieces from Belgium journey to our Dallas Showroom.

French for “The World”, Le Monde is how we brand our collection of short run and one of a kind items. The brand conveys a continuous aesthetic of modernist provincial, which is found throughout the product range. Sourcing in France, Belgium or Indonesia I am designing and selecting product that has a modern sensibility yet is provincial in its construction and complexion.


The process is a life passion for me. I select or design with the intention of curating product that has a story of craft, heritage and purpose. Sourced from artisanal workshops, vintage warehouses, or family owned short run factories. An international network of like minded makers all equally devoted to collecting or producing decorative items that reflect their personality and passion. After being selected, product begins the long journey back to Dallas, TX.


My latest collection for Le Monde arrived last month. This shipment is a large selection of decorative products from Belgium and Indonesia. Monochrome pottery, weathered stoneware, servers in gently worn paint patinas, slabs of wood and reclaimed table tops reflecting a hundred years of age. Pieces that add color softness and texture to the contemporary design scheme, be it residential or hospitality. The products induce a modernist provincial style unique to my showroom.


Le Monde shipments arrive at Brendan Bass in a shipping container that we refer to as “the crate”. The crate that arrived in January started its journey leaving Belgium, crossed the Atlantic, made its way to New Orleans and then finally journeyed up to its destination of Dallas where we opened it up in our warehouse. The entire shipping process took almost three months.


The collections are always meaningful to the design community, curated to be timely and decorative. The moving team spends an entire day emptying the contents of the crate, inspecting and cleaning the product. The new pieces crowd the showroom for the first few days before they get merchandised on the floor. Some pieces will sell before they even get a chance to be displayed.

The Le Monde Collection truly encapsulates its origin, the world. Each piece in the collection has a unique story and is one of a kind.

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