Hand-carved primitive Folk Art expression. Pine in original patina on steel Museum mount.


Antique Equestrian stabile Panels Antique equestrian stable wall panels from a ranch in Kentucky. Weathered pine and galvanized metal.

Organic Tree Trunk Chair

Splinter-free, with natural grains of appearance of deep reddish brown coloration. Clear coat wax was used to enhance natural shine and smoothness. Rendered in organic modern style, hand-carved into a unique ironwood tree stump chair. This particular type of ironwood timber is bug resistant, mildew resistant & durable for weather conditions. Heavy sturdy wood with […]


One of a kind Ammonite limestone fossil with extensive detailed that has been preserved, is now available for your home on custom mount as a sculpture. This unusual large-scale fossil once ruled the oceans for 370 million years before mysteriously becoming extinct at the end of the cretaceous period. Artisanal patinated iron custom base.