Lee Upholstery Chairs

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Lee Grey Swivel Chairs (Stain-Resistant)

30"H X 31"D X 34"W

lee swivel

LEE Ivory Swivels (Stain-Resistant)

33"W X 36"D X 32"H

LEE Ivory Leather Relaxor Swivels Chairs

LEE Leather Relaxor Swivels Chairs

Leather: Tamp Basil

28"W X 33"D X 36"H

LEE Swivel Chairs Relaxation Chairs

LEE Swivel Chairs

Fabric: Eli Sea Oat

33"W X 39"D X 33"H

LEE Lounge Swivel Chairs

Lee dining furniture

LEE Dining Chair (Stain- Resistant)

  • 8 Available
  • 22"W X 19"D X 17"H

LEE dining furniture available at Brendan Bass Showroom

LEE Dining Arm Chairs (Stain-Resistant)

8 available

40"H X 23"W X 23"D

Arm Chair Dining

Slipcover Dining Chairs

Fabric: Smith Natural

8 available

18"W X 23"D X 38"H



LEE Leather Chaise

Lagoon Smoke

27"W X 60"D X 35"H

lounge chair

LEE Modern Club Chair (Stain-Resistant)

32"W X 36"D X 36"H

LEE Modern Club Chair (Stain-Resistant)


LEE Apartment Sofa

Champagne Color

33"H X 84"W X 43"D LEE Apartment Sofa

LEE Apartment Sofa (Stain-Resistant)

34"W X 31"D X 30"H

Apartment Sofa Stain Resistant

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