Vintage Green Champagne Decor

Brendan Bass holds a variety of "Vintage Green Champagne Decor" for your accessory wine decor pieces!

From The Champagne Winery in France...

The Champagne Winery in France

To your own home....

7 Vintage Classic Vibrant Green Champagne Bottles

7 Vintage Classic Vibrant Green Champagne Bottles in a variety of sizes! From the tallest at 30"H to the smallest at 15"H, each bottle is different in sizes

The invention of glass came from the Roman Empire, and allowed wine to age well for decades! Green glass came in the 1700's to prevent wine spoiling due to sunlight exposure! Champagne bottles are known for their "dark olive green", check out these Vibrant antique 1940's Champagne glasses decor of all sizes

Antique Wooden Champagne Rack

"Antique Wooden Champagne Rack, Circa 1930's" This 60-bottle champagne rack, also known as "riddler rack" was a viable source for the process of champagne! Racks are meant to hold 60 bottles of 750 ML bottles of wine (4 racks Available)

sitting in a glass a wine

Our collection is made for all Champagne & Wine Lovers, from the Vintage Champagne Bottles to the Champagne Riddling Racks used as wine holders for your wall decor

All From Champagne, France

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