Authentic Tribal Decor Collection

authentic tribal decor

Whether from jewelry made of buffalo teeth, coconut carved chairs to handwoven baskets, our authentic tribal decor carries an eclectic collection for your needs!

Safari Accessory  

Tribal Necklaces with a Safari Twist!

These jewels are passed from generation to generation to wear for weddings and special ceremonies! Made of antique buffalo teeth, hand woven in a fiber hemp collar with a central band. Buffalo tooth was once used as a form of currency or the bribe would wear it as a sense of "wealth" on her wedding day.  

These tribal necklaces carry value of wealth!

Check out this Eclectic Tribal Necklace Accessory!

Eclectic Tribal Accessory

Tribal Shell Necklace:                

Did you know...Cowrie Shells  shows symbolism for female and fertility? (Shown in Picture Below)

These shells were used as coin currency along western Africa and Indonesian tribes!

Now used as an "earthy design aesthetic for your home", these shells range from 3" to 4" diameter, handwoven on a natural fiber hemp.

shell necklace  

Antique tribal rings:

Carved from a pacific claim shell and was once use as a currency exchange, now featured at Brendan Bass Showroom!

Passed down from generation to generation, using a traditional technique by grinding with sand and a bamboo grinder, the pacific tribe would make these rings out of giant claim shells. They would polished the rings, and use as currency as a bride gift in the pacific south region, as an object pass down from generation to generation.

The tribal tool (shown in the picture up top) consists of coconut wood with a sharpen shell showing the tool to grind shells to shape.

The pacific tribe would make these rings out of giant claim shell known as "Tridacna Gigas" (shown in picture).

Tribal Decor

Check out these "Tribal Trophy Necklaces

Tribal art          

Worn by the chiefs and men of the tribes who earned their success, in the early 19th century these necklaces were recognized as "tribal trophy"

Handmade of African polished disc of coconut with brass clasp, now comes on custom stand to be shown as an antique tribal accessory! 

Tribal Accessories

Check out these Decorative Tribal Art

These sticks were once used as a money currency, are now used for decorative wealth! The number of shells used upon the stick represents the wealth and prestige of its owner! These tribal antique currency sticks are made out the shells of sea snails, giant claims and shark bones, applied on a custom stand.

All sizes range from 18.5" to 38.5" Height of an assortment of decorative currency sticks

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